45 Best Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad in Your Life (2021)

Why are dads notoriously hard to shop for? Is it because they go shopping four days before Father’s Day to buy themselves everything they need, or the fact that when you ask them for ideas, they come up empty? This year, we’ve put together a mix of things Dad doesn’t know he needs and things he likely doesn’t even know exist. With our help, you’ll definitely outsmart him and land him with a killer Father’s Day gift.

For more ideas, our Mother’s Day picks would make good gifts for dads, too. Don’t forget to check out our other guides, like the Best Gifts for New Parents and the Best Kid Podcasts.

Updated June 2021: We removed some older picks and added new ones, like the Nutcase Vio helmet and the Trade Coffee subscription. 

Jeffrey Van Camp, Michael Calore, Medea Giordano, Parker Hall, and Jess Grey also contributed to this guide.  

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