A ‘New’ PUBG is Entering the Arena in 2021

The makers of PUBG announced a completely new title for mobile devices this week, PUBG New State. Slated for launch later this year, you can pre-register for the title right now on Google Play.

From the game’s description and the trailer you can view below, this looks like the same PUBG battle royale experience with 100 players all fighting for supremacy, but with an updated map set in a more technologically advanced time. For example, there are drones and updated vehicles with big Tesla-like infotainment systems. Compared to the old PUBG, New State looks really good and smooth. Like, Call of Duty Mobile smooth.

Set in the near future of 2051, years have passed since the original game. Within this backdrop, players will be dropping into a brand-new battleground called TROI, where they will have the opportunity to discover how the universe has evolved. Filled with various landmarks that have their own distinct characteristics, players will be able to explore a unique environment that features interactable objects, helping them come up with new ways and strategies to dominate the competition.

As soon as we have a cemented release date, we’ll update you.

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