Ford snags 100,000 F-150 Lightning pre-orders in three weeks

Even though we just learned about Ford’s Maverick pickup, its CEO is talking to the New York Times about the company’s other new electrified pickup. Apparently the F-150 Lightning pre-order count has already reached 100,000, just about three weeks after the electric vehicle was officially unveiled for commercial and retail customers.

By comparison, Tesla’s Cybertruck netted some 250,000 pre-orders for the electric vehicle in just five days, and GMC’s electric Hummer had 10,000 pre-orders for an early edition model sell out in hours. Neither truck is available yet, but according to SEMA’s Vehicle Landscape Report, Ford’s F-Series sold more than 787,000 trucks last year and had 16.1 million trucks on the road in the US. Which models will be more popular once you can actually get any of them will have to wait until next year.

As far as what’s next, after debuting a sporty crossover, full electric workhorse and cheaper hybrid utility vehicle, CEO Jim Farley said the Explorer SUV is next on the block for electrification. A hybrid version of the Explorer appeared in 2019 touting the same capacity as a gas model, but considering the Lightning’s frunk, it’s easy to imagine how much extra storage it could add.

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