Google Play Pass is Still Alive, Boasts Over 800 Apps and Games

Google Play Pass, the subscription play for Google Play that gets you access to hundreds of apps and games each month with no ads or in-app purchases, has ballooned with a library of more than 800.

Google shared the news today by noting that 40 apps and games have been added since February, including titles like Football Manager 2021 ($8.99 value), Flockers ($1.99), Teslagrad ($6.99), and The Gardens Between ($4.99). They also plan on adding Dead Cells ($8.99) later this week.

I can’t say that I’ve dipped into Google Play Pass since it first launched in 2019. Knowing now that it has 800 apps and games, it might be time to take another look at it.

Anyone been a subscriber? Are you finding value in it?

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