These “Squid Game” Halloween Costumes Will Prove Just How Far You’ll Go to Win



Photo credit: Squid Game - Netflix

Photo credit: Squid Game – Netflix

There’s no denying it. Squid Game has risen as Netflix’s next big thing, and no, I’m not being dramatic. According to Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos, the K-drama series shot to the top of viewing charts, giving it a “very good chance” of becoming Netflix’s most popular show to date.

The nine-episode thriller follows a South Korean community where contestants, who are in extreme debt, play a series of children’s playground games in an attempt to win $38.5 million. The kicker? Death is the penalty for losing each game. Think of Hunger Games meets Battle Royale meets Saw.

Personal fandom aside, it’s only right to compile a list of Squid Game-inspired Halloween costume inspo since spooky season is in full swing. We’ve uncovered everything from spot-on masks that gives the Front Man a run for his money to budget-friendly options that achieve classic Squid Game character style without breaking the bank.

Squid Game Doll

Photo credit: Netflix

Photo credit: Netflix

The Red Light, Green Light doll is one of the most identifiable characters of the entire series. Dressed in bright, vibrant colors with the perceived innocence of a child, this doll’s sinister role made it one of the best Squid Game-inspired Halloween costume ideas.

Wal-Mart is coming in hot with an exact replica of the Squid Game doll costume. The bright yellow shirt with the matching orange skater dress gives big Red Light, Green Light doll energy.

Squid Game Contestant

Photo credit: Squid Game - Netflix

Photo credit: Squid Game – Netflix

Contestants wore green uniforms to compete in Squid Games. If you want to serve Seong Gi-hun vibes this Halloween, you can choose from spot-on recreations to more personalized ones.

Like most things, Amazon has Squid Game costumes on lock with an exact replica of Seong Gi-hun’s uniform.

Squid Game Staffer

Photo credit: Squid Game - Netflix

Photo credit: Squid Game – Netflix

Squid Game workers are broken down into ranks based on the triangle or square shapes on their masks.

Looking for a dead giveaway? Amazon has a pink onesie that mirrors the ones worn by Squid Game workers.

The Front Man

Photo credit: Squid Game - Netflix

Photo credit: Squid Game – Netflix

The Front Man is the Squid Game’s head honcho and enigmatic leader in charge of operating the games and monitoring as things unfold. You can pull out all the stops as the Squid Game‘s biggest boss this Halloween.

If you want an undisputed costume that everyone will instantly recognize, Amazon has a killer Front Man-inspired mask.

Squid Game Doll Dupe

This orange dress gives personality while maintaining the integrity of the Squid Game doll’s outfit.

Get ready to eliminate the competition with this bold yellow shirt.

White knee-high socks are an understated accessory worn by the motion sensor doll. These cozy socks are the perfect dupe and are essential to slaying a Squid Game doll-inspired costume.

Comfort is key when it comes to Halloween costumes. No matter if you’re hitting the town for endless parties or keeping it cool with neighborhood trick or treating, these Mary Janes will make sure you get there in style and without any pain.

Squid Game Contestant Dupe

For a more personalized spin, you can head to the men’s department for this matching tracksuit, cut out your own white numbers, and stick them onto your jacket.

If you want to keep things low-key without making a full-on commitment, this sweatsuit is the perfect addition.

Squid Game Staffer Dupe

To show off your own personal style, opt for a pink two-piece sweatsuit.

Buying a fencing mask and using white chalk to create a square or triangle will help solidify your costume’s authenticity.

Front Man Dupe

Finding the correct mask is the hard part of creating a Front Man-inspired costume. The next steps for perfecting a Front Man look can come out of your closet. A simple black hoodie will do the trick.

You can top it off with an all-black leather trench coat.

Add a pair of black leather gloves for the perfect finishing touch.

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